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Description of RULES OF SURVIVAL

RULES OF SURVIVAL celebrates the official anniversary. Starting from November the 7th, terrific updates and wonderful presents will be waiting for every player. What can you expect? Be ready for whatever:

There light and ultra versions of RULES OF SURVIVAL will appear very soon, be ready for them! Let’s have crazy party time!

The epic death match of this world known Battle Royale game arena is waiting for you, Hero. Do your best.


Feel the blood taste playing RULES OF SURVIVAL and don’t forget to survive.

Screenshots of RULES OF SURVIVAL
Version history RULES OF SURVIVAL
New in Rules of Survival 1.261246.265446
* RoS Swish is now available:
* Optimized the Looks cross-server function by adding a Looks Import button in the Depot - Item Interface.
* Added all-new Video Ads in the Star Supply Interface. Watching Video Ads will reward players with free Star Diamonds.
* Added more Adv. Looks in Star Supply.
* Fearless Fiord Map Depot Adjustment: Added some AWM and SUV Depot in Fearless Fiord Map;
New in Rules of Survival 1.261246.262782
* The Songkran Festival event begins:
Added all-new mode, Songkran Festival Battle, for a limited time during the festival with special Weapons, Mini-Zone Gold Mode and Unlimited Respawn
Players can obtain Water Medals through participating in the new mode and completing missions to exchange limited Songkran Festival Rewards
Limited Songkran Festival Looks are now available with Lucky Draw for a limited time
New in Rules of Survival 1.256811.258084
* Time-limited April Fools' Day event available:
* Some objects in the map can be destroyed
* Adjustment of firearms deployment: The AR15 Rifle has been added to the Fearless Fiord map and the amount of other rifles has been slightly reduced accordingly;
* Enchanted Flower Music has been made quieter;
* Optimized the color of Blue Zone and Red Zone on the mini-map;
* Fixed the issue where parachuting would get stuck in complicated scenarios;
New in Rules of Survival 1.254056.255487
* Added weapon: Compound Bow. The Compound Bow deals extremely high damage with charging power.
* Gold Mode+ has been changed: Game mode will change to Bow Duel, still a fast-paced mode with only 20 players.
* Optimized Pet Cat: Pet Cat is deactivated by default after battle starts, and the player can manually activate it;
* Optimized the circle shrinking pace for Epic Clash, and reduced the initial circle size;
New in Rules of Survival 1.245035.246069
* Weapons modification: Base movement speed when carrying the M134 has been increased
* Fixed the issue of the sound of bullets flying through the air could still be heard even after hitting someone;
* Fixed an issue where the white circle on the mini map wouldn't disappear after the final gas zone appeared;
* Fixed an issue where there was no exclusive kill announcement after killing an enemy with the AN94 - Leopard;
New in Rules of Survival 1.243275.243294
* Level system update: There will be no level limit for characters when Season 6 starts.
* S6 Distinction available;
* Training Supply Box Update.
* Spring Festival is almost here!
* Adjusted vehicle's exploding tires: Increased the tire HP of big-wheeled vehicles, including SUVs, SUVs with various Looks, and Monster Trucks;
New in Rules of Survival 1.241982.242335
* Level system update: There will be no level limit for characters when Season 6 starts.
* S6 Distinction available;
* Training Supply Box Update.
* Spring Festival is almost here!
* Adjusted vehicle's exploding tires: Increased the tire HP of big-wheeled vehicles, including SUVs, SUVs with various Looks, and Monster Trucks;
New in Rules of Survival 1.239209.239819
- Added Star Diamond supplies. Players can get Star Diamonds through Ranked Matches, Daily Activity Boxes, etc.
- Newly added the M134 Minigun.
- Firearm Supply update: Justice is ready for action! The all-new M134 minigun skin, M134 Justice - I has been added to Firearm Supplies.
- Hit sound optimization: When bullets hit players, the sound no longer hides the the sound of the gunshot, and increases the realism of getting hit.
New in Rules of Survival 1.234461.235406
- Exclusive Southeast Asian-themed looks available in-store soon. Stay tuned!
- The Fearless Fiord map has been improved for increased smoothness.
- Fixed an issue where Chinese appears in the game for some players;
- Fixed an issue where the Hovercycle and Warjeep are not displayed on the looks interface.
New in Rules of Survival 1.228114.231680
- New wall-climbing function added: Avatars jump walls when players press the jump button while facing a wall. Walls that were previously impassable when jumping can now be climbed;
- The Enchanting Flower has been improved: Its music range has been expanded and is very effective when clearing buildings;
- Improvement of wall-climbing function: The action of and sound effects for the wall-jumping function have been improved;
New in Rules of Survival 1.228114.229421
- Added 'Halo' accessories: Halos have amazing skydiving and running special effects.
- Added the throwable object, Enchanted Flower
- New wall-jumping function added
- Repaired an error on the Ghillie Island map in RoS Ultra mode where map models would occasionally disappear;
- Repaired an issue on the Ghillie Island map in RoS Ultra where models of stairs collide.
New in Rules of Survival 1.228114.228112
- The exclusive vehicle animation is available.
- Sniper Rifle Adjustments: Damage to limbs and from long distance for semi-automatic snipers has been increased. Increased AS VA bullet damage;
- Rifle Adjustment: Reduced recoil of the QBZ rifle;
- Music is now available in the Prep Zone of Ghillie Island;
- Optimized power consumption. Reduced power consumption when players are on the lobby interface;
New in Rules of Survival 1.226295.226563
- The exclusive vehicle animation is available.
- Sniper Rifle Adjustments: Damage to limbs and from long distance for semi-automatic snipers has been increased. Increased AS VA bullet damage;
- Rifle Adjustment: Reduced recoil of the QBZ rifle;
- Music is now available in the Prep Zone of Ghillie Island;
- Optimized power consumption. Reduced power consumption when players are on the lobby interface;
New in Rules of Survival 1.210020.218903
Season 5 will begin and Season 4 will end after maintenance on 28 Nov.
New feature allowing the customization of the color of crosshairs has been added.
G-Launchers have been improved.
The game’s backpack interface has been improved.
Auto pick-up speed has been increased;
Optimized the switch-driver logic in Death Race Mode.
The Special Training Mission has been optimized.
New in Rules of Survival 1.210020.216193
ROS Ca$h'n Shoot(Beta)mobile Asian Server is now available.
Players can earn points according to scores obtained in matches each evening. The top 10,000 players on weekly points rankings can obtain gold bar rewards.
Gold bars can be used to draw supplies. Also, they can be exchanged for cash. (Cannot be exchanged during test period)
Newly added RPG launchers and ACR Rifle on Ghillie Island.
New in Rules of Survival 1.204011.213685
- Able to switch quickly between scopes.
- New controls have been added for when the parachute is deployed.
- The maximum durability for lv. 1, 2 and 3 riot shields have been greatly decreased;
- Optimized the logic causing the attachments of firearms that are replaced or discarded to be dropped.
New in Rules of Survival 1.204011.208813
- New Auto Sprint function for players to sprint continuously added.
- The new end date for S4 is Nov. 28.
- Changed the pop-up window message reminding players that they haven't downloaded the iron sights for FPS mode;
- Optimized the displayed effects of figures when they are come into shot of the player's scope;
- Optimized the vaulting mechanics of some narrow windows.
- Optimized hacking detection.
New in Rules of Survival 1.204011.205862
- New automated-door feature added.
- Optimized the visual effects of DSR-1's night vision.
- Movement speed for characters has been increased slightly;
- Improved vehicle explosion effects. Some vehicles that have been destroyed will continue to burn;
- Improved window vaulting, making it easier to vault narrow windows;
- Fixed the disparity in range of visibility between the steam server and PC
New in Rules of Survival 1.199989.201366
- Improved sighted fire in Death Race Mode and increased vehicle HP;
- Modified this week's Gold Mode+. Lots of snipers, ghillie suits and smoke grenades have been added.
- The Weekend Rush portal is now a permanent feature, but the event is still only available on the weekend;
- Tap Weekend Rush reward boxes to view contents before they are claimed;
- Fixed an issue where the riot shield is sometimes not visible
New in Rules of Survival 1.194559.199153
- Added level I, II and III riot shields that are different in shape and have varying degrees of durability.
- S3 has ended and S4 has begun.
- Repaired an issue where the game would quit unexpectedly when players select 'take photo' on the customer service tab
- Repaired an issue concerning the remodeling of the Santa hairstyle
New in Rules of Survival 1.194559.197271
- In support of those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines, we have released an exclusive item for one week only, Jane Wayne – Love.
All of the proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to those affected (diamonds will be converted to dollars according to in-game rates).
- Gold mode has been upgraded to include new game modes available each week.
- Stat modifications for some vehicles in ranked games
New in Rules of Survival 1.193201.194269
- A new version of Wheel of Fortune with twice the chance of winning prizes!
- The chat function for the custom room has been restored;
- Fixed an issue where the view for players in the prone position would sometimes be the view for the standing position.
- Fixed an issue where players are sometimes unable to enter first-person view.
- Fixed an issue where the direction of muzzles and crosshairs are not aligned;
New in Rules of Survival 1.188132.191980
- Weapon Balancing: Increased the single-shot damage of PP19 and Vector; Increased the single-shot damage of AN94, reduced its mid-range attenuation coefficient damage and increased its long-range attenuation coefficient damage (higher attenuation coefficient equals lower damage).
- Added special quick-use commands to Death Race Mode.
- Added shared cooldown for some items in Death Race Mode.
- Fixed a possible recoil issue.
New in Rules of Survival 1.186372.190230
- New this week: Relationship points.
- The #cFF9900Pick'em game mode#n has been added to the competition interface.
- Special events for Chinese Valentine's Day will be available from Aug 22 - Aug 29
- Fixed the issue where grenades occasionally pass through walls;
- Fixed the issue where certain phone models do not display the glass in buildings;
- Fixed the issue of certain firearms having no recoil;
New in Rules of Survival 1.186372.188496
- Shotgun damage increased: Single shot damage increased for the M870,M1887, and AA12;
- Grenades can break through glass and continue its trajectory;
- The custom room has been optimized;
- Optimized battle results, player information, information interface and the app icon badge;
- The theme interface has been moved to the looks interface;
New in Rules of Survival 1.186372.186984
- New rifle available; the QBZ97, also known as the type 97 assault rifle.
- Firecracker grenades are now available.
- Projectiles fired from g-launchers and rocket tubes continue to travel forward after they break through glass.
- Repaired an error that affected the normal display of characters on some devices.
- The Pyroclasm skin is now available in Death Race Mode
New in Rules of Survival 1.180271.184729
- New Crossbow Attachment - Grenade Launcher.
- Melee weapons are automatically sheathed when players enter the water and begin swimming. Players can only attack with their fists when swimming;
- Repaired the problem of players in certain regions being unable to download FPS Mode and the 8K Map;
- Repaired the problem of some devices being unable to upload profile pics in Seek;
- Repaired the problem of in-game characters disappearing in games played on certain phones models.
New in Rules of Survival 1.180271.182850
- New melee weapon added, the Riot Shield.
- Added a speaker function for chat.
- Players firing from within a vehicle in all game modes will not cause damage to the vehicle they are traveling in.
- Repair kits used in Death Race Mode will display the estimated HP of vehicles after repair;
- Reduce the chances of dusk being used as the weather condition for ranked games.
- Improved hack detection.
- Fixed bug that caused no recoil when firing.
New in Rules of Survival 1.177882.179289
- Added independent rankings for Death Race Mode;
- Optimized Death Race Mode effects;
- Optimized item box effects in Death Race Mode;
- Added sound effects for helicopter and vehicle collisions in Death Race Mode;
- Adjusted the trajectory and increased the launch speed of grenades;
- Added a function to preview lobby themes;
New in Rules of Survival 1.177491.177510
- Character's level up experience has been added to Daily Activity Rewards;
- Added a feature to reposition your vehicle if your vehicle is stuck for a long time. A "Reposition" button will pop up should this happen;
- Added new Death Race Mode content in Journey;
- Obtained items can now be displayed in Chat;
New in Rules of Survival 1.163895.171312
- Spray paint content added. Players now can purchase sprays from the store and preselect up to 3 sprays at 'Looks - Warehouse - Spray', which are displayed in throwables. Players can tag anything in the game with their pre-selected sprays!
- The Mercenary Lobby's UI has been updated and a filter for mercenaries has been added.
New in Rules of Survival 1.163895.167146
- Added a Diamond Mode. This mode is only available at specific times every week. Players bring diamonds to participate in the battles directly, and can immediately seize the diamonds of the players they have killed.
- For rankings, National Rankings for players will be displayed first.
- Optimized the performance adjustment for different picture quality.
New in Rules of Survival 1.161759.163098
- The 'Monthly Offers' is here! Top up any amount any time during the event to receive fantastic rewards including exclusive Crimson Viper look.
- Optimized operations in the full view mode.
- Fixed the issue of Twitch streams occasionnally crashing when using iOS 11.3
New in Rules of Survival 1.161759.161779
- Optimized matchmaking so that although it may take longer, players of similar levels can more easily be matched.
- Added an option where you can adjust the individual sensitivity of the first-person view in "Settings".
- The button used to switch between first- and third-person view now has custom settings.
New in Rules of Survival 1.158576.159627
- New classic supply: Tuk tuk camos are now available. Players can collect them from classic supply boxes and upgrade them in the workshop.
- Updated firearms: The new AR15 camo, Poison Sting has been added.
New in Rules of Survival 1.157711.158037
- Training Manual feature added. Training manuals are linked to a particular season and is only valid during that season.
- The training manual contains a claimable special pack that contains look shards for exclusive suits and stickers.
New in Rules of Survival 1.150917.156089
- First person view added. Players can freely change between first and third person views after downloading first person resources.
- The World Arena game mode is finally here. Players from the same country can team up to battle and defeat opponents from other countries. Glory and honor to the homeland! (Available from Apr. 18; Season 1 begins April 23)
New in Rules of Survival 1.150917.151559
- Add a special Songkran Festival event that offers 50% discount for one-off and 10-times draw of advanced supply. Exclusive appearance of characters, guns as well as vehicles will be presented in the advanced supply.
-The M32 grenade gun, a primary weapon, has been added. Available now in airdrops;
-AWM is no longer available in airdrops, but players are still able to pick up this item in the game;
-Added Damascus Knife, a cool new weapon that players can pick up in the game;
New in Rules of Survival 1.140254.141609
- The "Million Reward Quiz" event is now beginning on the North America server!- Added "Scan to Add Friend" and "Find Friends Nearby".- Added a Battle Jeep, in Ghillie Island.- Added a guide at the login interface to help player file an appeal.- Added "Seek" function.
New in Rules of Survival 1.137638.139342
-Added a new vehicle Battle Jeep.-Now players can shoot and jump during glider flights.-Now players can view their opponents' information after being killed.-New classic supplies where you may draw the Rosy Comet.
New in Rules of Survival 1.133051.136949
In Fearless Fiord Solo Mode, there will now be two cargo planes that each carry 150 players.Players can now loot the AUG firearm from supply drops.Added a new national chat channel.Added the option to toggle the "vibration alert upon successful matchmaking" function on/off in the Settings menu.
New in Rules of Survival 1.133051.134916
Added a brand new map - Fearless Fiord!Fearless Fiord will include the following new firearms: ACR, AN94, VECTOR, MP5, P90, QBU88, M110, SAIGA-12, and WRO.Added the new weapon RPG to Fearless Fiord.Added a new gold coin arena.The Valentine's Day event has begun!
New in Rules of Survival 1.126941.131775
-Added Facial Accessory items.-Routine update of store's clothing inventory.-Added a new Weekly Fashion Pack to the store.-Updated advanced & regular supplies.-The limited-time White Lovers event has now begun!-Added a new "Number of spectators" indicator to the post-death game observation interface.
New in Rules of Survival 1.126941.127172
-Added national flags-Lean Left and Lean Right-Added Chicken Grenades-New Looks-Added Elite Supply Boxes-Updated advanced supplies-More boat spawn points-Adjusted seating capacity of some vehicle-Optimized the Spectate feature-Increased the time the game runs in your devices background before disconnecting-Fixed various problems caused by Auto Pilot-Optimized Audio and Visual effects-Optimized UI effects-Bug Fixes
New in Rules of Survival 1.121222.124678
- Added firearm camo feature.- Optimized the Looks interface.- Added Token Store feature.- Added Advanced Supply Box.- Added special audio cues for zombies.- Zombies are now able to gain a wider scope of audio cues.
New in Rules of Survival 1.121222.123043
New vehicle - Speedboat!New throwable item - Molotov Cocktail!Updated the bicycle.Added a new "Stat" page to the Data section.Added new items: Weekly Pass and Monthly Pass.Added more clothes to the discount store.Added a special matchmaking mode - Simple Mode!The zombies in Zombie Mode now have new abilities.Optimized vehicle collision effects.
New in Rules of Survival 1.120221.121378
-Added a new zombie mode.-Added a new discount page to the marketplace.-Added a new assault rifle-Added a new voice chat function to the main lobby.-Reduced vehicle HP, and enlarged vehicle turn radius.
New in Rules of Survival 1.118540.119273
Enabled look shard system.Special Christmas EventAdjusted matchmaking rules.Adjusted nighttime weather visibility.Added a new sound for when a button is pressed in the menu.Added a new team-up channel.
New in Rules of Survival 1.115153.115248
-Removed friendly fire-Improved game performance-Optimized lobby to reduce lag-Top-up feature is now available-Added two new melee weapons, crowbar and frying pan-Added a new set, Warwolf-Optimized the biycle sound effects-Attacking others no longer triggers pain sound effect, it now only happens when you are attacked-Added action sounds when using meds-Optimized UI performance-Bug Fixed
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